Wednesday’s Impressions ~ PhotoFusion “Forest Fire”

Forest Fire

“Forest Fire”
This is a “sandwich” of two photos using the overlay function in Photoshop.

What the heck is a PhotoFusion? It’s a name I make up for marketing purposes. One problem…it hasn’t caught on…yet.

What a PhotoFusion really is, is a combination of art photos fused into a new piece of art. Sometimes the resulting artwork resembles its originals and sometimes it doesn’t, like in this case. The two original photos I fused together to create Forest Fire are below. I know, hard to believe this came from those.

In several previous posts I’ve talked about how to merge photos in Photoshop and some of the things you can do with them. With this PhotoFusion I had a lot more fun. I wasn’t trying to create a representational piece of art. I just started playing with the layers and contrast and filters until I had something I liked. I couldn’t tell you how to recreate this if my life depended on it. This is a piece of art, which I’ll get into more in tomorrow’s post “Thoughtful Thursday ~ What Makes it Art?”.

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~ Daniel Kmiecik


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