Two fer Tuesday ~ Keep Looking, Keep Shooting

Like New Vette

“Like New Vette”
My brother cleans his Vette after attending car shows (maybe that’s why he wins “Cleanest car in Show” all the time). I created this photo right after he finished the cleaning.

Custom Vette Side Pipes

“Custom Vette Side Pipes”
My brother had these side pipes custom made for his 1994 Vette. His Vette is so clean you’d swear it’s brand new.

One great looking car, two great photos.

Back in the days of shooting with film (did I just say that) I read about an activity aimed at showing you how a slight change in position could make the difference between an ‘ok’ photo and a great photo. Load a fresh roll of 36 exposure film, pick a subject, and shoot the entire roll on only that subject from 36 different positions. Sounds simple enough…unless you’ve never done it before.

The activity is still valid with digital. Only now, you can really force yourself to go even further. Set your camera to single shot mode, pick a subject, start shooting. Vary every shot. Really think about what you’re doing and why you want to shoot from that position. What do you see from here that you didn’t see a foot to the left? Change lenses if you want. Keep looking at the subject and keep shooting until you can’t think of any more changes to make. Remember two things while you’re doing this, challenge yourself and have fun doing it. Now go download your photos and check the results.

Do this several times over a few months with different subjects. Eventually you will find yourself doing it with everything you shoot. Feel free to add links to your results in the comment section of this post.

~ Daniel Kmiecik


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