InspireMe Monday ~ Wind! Create!

Black-eyed Susan in the Wind

“Black-eyed Susan in the Wind”

I used a long shutter speed allowing the wind to move the black-eyed susan to create an impressionist style photo. The black-eyed susans in the background were also blurred by the motion from wind allowing the background to blur perfectly.

Impression of Siberian Irises

“Impression of Siberian Irises”
We were given these Siberian Iris from a good friend when we moved into our new house. We’ve always loved these puprle little beauties and several clumps growing at our old house. This impression is inspired by the artwork of Claude Monet.

With 24+ MPH winds and bright cloudy skies in most of Southeast Michigan it’s a great day to create some wind impressions.

Stop reading this! Go out there and create some great photos. When you’re done, upload the best and put a link in the comments here.

~ Daniel Kmiecik

Seriously, put the mouse down and go create!


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