Foodie Friday ~ PIZZA! with Onions



Who doesn’t love pizza? The perfect feel good food. The real trick here is getting the photo created before the pizza gets cold.

Onion Spouting

“Onion Sprouting”

This onion had been in the pantry a little too long. When we found this onion sprouting in our pantry I just had to create this photo. We sure weren’t going to eat the onion.

Photo Tip:
Both photos were created with the same single 150ws light from Interfit Lighting, and using a Photoflex 36 x 48 inch softbox.

  1. For the pizza photo the softbox was almost on top of the pizza just out of camera view. This would guarantee a practically shadowless light. I was literally under the softbox myself using a macro lens to create the photo.
  2. For the onion, the softbox was pulled back quite a bit so the shadows would have more definition to the edges. The light was set off to the side at about the same level as the onion to create the side lighting.

Remember, the larger the light is compared to the subject, the softer the shadow will be. Placing the softbox practically on top of the pizza made the light very large as compared to the pizza itself (it was a small pizza, 8″ I think). Placing the softbox further away from the onion made the light smaller compared to being right next to it (things get smaller as they move away from you).

Think of it like this, the Sun is an enormous light source. However, on a bright sunny, cloudless day, your shadow on the ground is very well defined. That’s because even though the Sun is huge, it’s practically a pin light in the sky. Conversely, on a bright cloudy day, one where can’t quite make out where the is in the sky, your shadow has very soft edges, if you can see it at all. The clouds are acting as a giant softbox. Knowing this can help you with how you light your subject the way you want to see it.

~ Daniel Kmiecik


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