Thoughtful Thursday ~ Money Makers

Wagon Wheels

“Wagon Wheels”

These two wagon wheels are laying just outside the entrance of the Techatticup gold mine in Southern Nevada USA.

It’s an old question: How much do I charge for my artwork? If you think I have the answer, I don’t. I’ve changed my pricing structure so many times my wife is sick of hearing about it. Add to that every online site has a different setup, some keep changing your cost, and you end up with an impossible task to keep your prices the same across the different sites. While you’re trying to figure this out, don’t forget that nagging voice in your head that keeps asking “is my artwork as good as there’s”?

I try to keep my prices inline with artwork on each site that I believe is equal in quality to my own. I also sell on Etsy which allows me to use different suppliers for different products. This helps keep prices the same, but you still have your stuff on all those other sites with different prices.

Some people, especially art majors, will say “if it isn’t expensive, it isn’t art”. I can’t disagree with this because I did raise my prices on one particular site by about four times. I hadn’t sold anything on that site until the day after I raised my prices. Unfortunately, it was the only sale on that site in the past several (too many) months. Some artists will argue lowering your prices cheapens everyone’s artwork. That might be true too, but that’s a subject for somebody else to cover.

Do you hold on to high prices and make a ton of money on the few sales you get or lower prices just to sell stuff and make only a few bucks per sale? Again, I don’t know. I try both from time to time and both seem to work from time to time. I think the bottom line is, selling artwork online can be difficult unless you are willing to put a lot of work into it.

Ok, rambling done. Good luck to all my fellow artists of all mediums at selling your artwork. By the way, don’t forget to try local art shows, farm markets etc. where people can touch and feel what they’re buying. I sell a lot of note cards at the Canton, MI Farmers Market.

~ Daniel Kmiecik


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