FREE Cell Phone Cover ~ Featuring The Photography of Me

It’s very simple. Buy any photograph at 20 inches on the long side or larger and I’ll include a matching cell phone cover with your order. 

    No coupons necessary
    You have to place your order from my Etsy store only

Cell phone covers are available for:

    iPhone 5/5s

    iPhone 5c

    iPhone 4/4s
    Samsung Galaxy S4

When you place your order include which model cell phone cover you want to receive in the note to seller section.

Not all of my photos are on the Etsy site yet. So, If you don’t find the photo you’re looking for or you want a larger selection, you can visit my Artist Website pages to see all my artwork. Don’t buy the photo from the Artist Website pages though because you won’t get your free Cell phone cover. You can leave a comment here and give me the Title of the photo you want. I’ll upload it to the Etsy site so you can order your photo and get your free Cell phone cover too.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

~ Daniel Kmiecik


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