The Sunday Morning Post ~ Trouble in Paradise

"High Water Level"

“High Water Level”

Just around this point is the Hoover Dam. The white rock you see in the foreground and background are the high water line of Lake Mead. Both lines are actually the same line, the same height from the water level at the time. It’s been almost a year since I created this photo and the water level of the lake has been dropping ever since. The drop is due to drought and over-usage of the vast amounts of fresh water that used to be in this lake.

Last year at this time my wife and I were getting ready to visit our friends in Boulder City, Nevada USA (just outside of Las Vegas). The land beyond their backyard is the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We can see cars lined up at the entrance to the park and the people taking selfies with the entrance sign to prove they were there.

During our two week visit it was very obvious this area of the country is in a drought that is getting worse. There was no doubt, even to a visitor, the people who live there are being affected personally and financially. Water is the stuff of life on this planet, and you don’t have it things get bad, fast. This photo is a dramatic representation of how bad the water problem really is. This is April 9, 2013, almost a year ago to the day. We estimated the water line to be no more than thirty feet above the actual water level. Today the water line more than double that at over one hundred feet. Next year around this same time Lake Mead is expected to hit a new record low.

I’ll leave the politics, the reasons and “solutions” to the experts. I understand the devastating affect this problem will have personally and economically on the people in the Southwest, to the rest of the country and possibly globally. The point I’m making is simple. We, humans, are a small insignificant blip on the history of this planet, let alone the Universe. The Earth will survive us, just as it has survived other “catastrophes” in its history. In the meantime, make the most of your short time here. Enjoy life. Don’t make other’s lives miserable because of your desires. Tell somebody today you that you love them, or you’re happy they’re in your life. Pick up that piece of garbage in the parking lot and toss it in the can. Do some small thing to make somebody’s life just a tiny little bit better today. Who knows, maybe they’ll pass it on.

~ Daniel Kmiecik


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