JUS’CUS I Wanted to Post Something Else Today

These are some of my most popular photos.

"Six String Guitar Fret Board"

“Six String Guitar Fret Board”

Closeup view of a six string guitar fret board. This photo has been viewed over 1400 hundred times on one of my web sites. The second most viewed photo is 500 views less. I was very surprised when I saw these numbers. I wouldn’t have thought this photo would be so popular.

"Texas Longhorn Cow"

“Texas Longhorn Cow”

Just a mile up the road in Canton, MI is a farm where these cattle roam in the field. Texas longhorn cattle are known for their distinctive horns. She was grazing on some grass and I was hoping she’d lift her head up. All of sudden, as if she heard me, she did. (Yes, longhorn cows do have horns.) Sadly, this farm has been sold since I created this photo and the Longhorns are no longer there.

"The Cooper's Hawk and The Moon"

“The Cooper’s Hawk and The Moon”

The first full day in Boulder City Nevada greeted me with this surprise I was climbing a large rock formation behind our friend’s house. I’m pretty sure this Cooper’s hawk was resting on the other side of the formation until he heard me coming. Sure am glad I had big lens attached to create this photo.

~ Daniel Kmiecik


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