Getting a Good Head for your Tripod ~ Best Head for Macros

I’ve gone through too many tripod heads, spending over a thousand dollars in total, trying to find the one perfect tripod head for shooting everything. What I learned is there is no such thing as one perfect tripod head. Most photographers use a ballhead for shooting almost everything, including macros. They will tell you the combination of speed and a solid lock is the best way to go.

For my money, I don’t need or want to be fast when creating macros. I want total control of the composition, and that’s why I use this Manfrotto geared head. The gearing literally allows you to make micro adjustments to your composition. This is crucial when you’re working in the world of macro where half millimeters can be the difference between a great photo and a missed shot. You can’t get a more solid lock. The head can’t move when you stop your adjustment due to the gears.

Manfrotto did not forget how important speed can be however. They added a gear release feature that allows you to move the head quickly in all three directions. This way you can get close to your final composition and then use the micro adjustments to fine tune it. The result is actually less time to get the photo you want with less wasted frames.

~ Daniel Kmiecik


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