The Sunday Morning Post ~ Where’s My Camera?

Catch of the Day

“Catch of the Day”

While driving home from work I saw a turkey vulture hovering very near the tree tops for a long time. Normally they hover a bit and then soar away. As I passed the spot it was hovering I looked up and saw this osprey feeding on something on the top of a dead tree. Long story short, I was able to create this photo as he finally had enough of me watching him eat what was left of his meal.

When you finally get tired of missing enough photo ops, you will find a way to carry your equipment (or at least some of it) everywhere you go. If I didn’t have my gear with me when driving home from my day job, I would never have created the photo of this osprey with a fish in its talons.

My Nikon Gear

“Flipside 500 AW”

This is the Nikon gear I carry in my Lowepro Flipside 500 AW every day, unless it’s too cold to stop, and even then I have taken photo drives where I plan on shooting from the car.

This is what I carry with me every day, except when it’s crazy cold like it has been in Michigan this Winter. It’s not too cold for the gear, it’s too cold for this photographer.

Be safe. Keep your gear safe and protected, but take your camera everywhere you go. Your next, greatest photo is just around the corner and you don’t want to keep it only in your memory.

~ Daniel Kmiecik


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