Wednesday’s Impression

Impression of Siberian Irises

“Impression of Siberian Irises”

We were given these Siberian Iris from a good friend when we moved into our new house. We’ve always loved these puprle little beauties and have several clumps growing around our old house. This impression is inspired by the artwork of Claude Monet.

I created this impressionistic photo entirely in-camera. Photo editing was only used to enhance contrast, brightness etc.

The technique is very simple if you have a multiple exposure mode on your camera:

    Pick a subject (it doesn’t have to be flowers)

    Set your multiple exposure mode, in this case I allowed the camera to do the metering and exposure, and set the number of exposures to 10

    I use the fastest frames per second I can. This was set at 5fps

    While aiming aiming at your subject start moving your camera in a random motion and then hold the shutter down. My camera stops at the selected number of shots. If yours does not, make sure you keep moving and shooting until all frames are shot

Check your results. If you don’t like what you see, do it again. In fact do again anyway. Try different numbers of shots, different motion, more motion, less motion, it’s your impression so do it your way. This is not an exact science. Try different things. I’m sure there are many more ways to create impressionistic photos.

~ Daniel Kmiecik


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