Tuesday’s Photo Tip ~ 10,000 Photos?! Really?!

Yesterday I posted a link to David duChemin’s Free eBook – Craft & Vision, TEN. While reading the topic “Get Pickier”, David mentions “…the first 10,000 frames that it takes to get better at this craft.” I chuckled to myself because it feels like I’ve read 10,000 photography books saying the same thing. 10,000 frames is such a daunting number.

Now that a few years have gone by and I am beyond those 10,000 frames, I realize how true that number really is. I haven’t finished David’s tips yet so he might mention this one too (if not you’re sure to read it over and over again in other books). “How do you create better photos? Shoot, shoot, shoot.”

Shooting anywhere between three and ten frames per second you can get to 10,000 frames pretty quickly. But this isn’t the meaning behind the 10,000 frames. 10,000 isn’t really a magic number that once hit all of sudden you create better photos. It’s the journey that counts. It’s about how you created those frames, what you’ve learned along the way, things to remember and things to forget. Nobody can define that for you and nobody can do it for you. You have to get there on your own. But once you get there, you’ll know it.

I’ll will add this to all those books in case you miss the point somewhere along the line. Enjoy the journey and have fun while you’re out there creating photos. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

~ Daniel Kmiecik


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