Impressive Wednesday’s



Pansies are derived from Viola species and hybridized with other viola species. They are also known as pansy violets. They are one of my wife’s favorite Spring flowers.

I have no traditional art “training”. I can’t define the difference between abstract, impressionism and expressionism. I do know there is a large body of artwork by Claude Monet that I absolutely love. Mainly it’s his flower and garden pieces, but there are many others. It’s the feeling I get from looking at these impressions that inspires me to create that feeling using my tool of choice, a camera.

The feeling is difficult to explain, but I guess it can be best described as a calmness. When I look at Monet’s work it is soothing even though, if you look closely, it might seem chaotic. There are no definite edges to the elements in the scene, but the whole thing still makes sense, even if it’s just a few lily pads or a flower or two. It’s as if you’re not staring at the scene, but noticing it in passing. An interesting contrast in my mind.

I created this photo completely in-camera. No photoshop filters were used to get the impressionistic feeling. It’s a technique I created originally with my the first film camera I owned that had a multiple exposure function. I’ll have to start writing down the things I think of and how I set the camera up so I can post the technique at some point. For now, I hope you enjoy my expression of impressionistic photographs.

~ Daniel Kmiecik


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